Below you will find each of the available races (except for Bretonian this is at present only in the BB2 cyanide game) that are considered
  official by Games Workshop. For each race i have created my own personal versions of Player Cards that are of a similar design and intended
  nature as those that officially come with the new 2016 version of Blood Bowl from Games Workshop. The box originally only came with the basic
  Orc and Human players but I wanted to make versions for all the race as they looked like a good learning and quick reference tool.

           There are 2 versions of each card. .Jpeg is a standard image file and .TIFF files. The .TIFF files are specific printing files but you may need an
  Image altering software programme installed to view them correctly.
  If you intend to download and use these files please be aware that they are NOT for sale anywhere and are freely given out by myself as an
  alternate way of looking at each races stats instead of the freely available way from many many other sites such as the actual Games workshop site etc.

           Each card should have the correct dimensions to match the already official ones in the box game but if they don't have the following
  dimensions then you will need to alter the images accordingly before printing.

  Card Printing Dimensions - Height: 11.49cm Width 15.41cm

  To download simply click on your prefered file format and a .ZIP file will be downloadable with all the relevant cards for that team.

As has been asked for so i have accommodated. I have re-laid all of the normal player, star player, team roster, staff and action cards in a convenient printable layout. This new layout is great for double sided printing as everything lines up perfectly and all the cards are exactly spaced out and sized correctly. Unlike the individual team downloads below this is a MASSIVE file and is 1GB RAR file so be patient. All paper is sized to A4 International size but due to the spacing can easily print on US sized paper too.
Also note that all the files contained in the .RAR file are set to the TIFF format for best print quality.

Click the image badge to start the download

Click on the DZ season 2 badge to download the new card updates to be added to the card packs below. This is how I intend to update the card packs as and when they are modified with new releases.

All the cards here (over 280 individual ones) are free but if you like the work you can donate 1 Pound Sterling using the donate button to help keep the site up and improving it.



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Cyanide Intro Video

The above image links to a you Tube video that shows a combined video of all the mini Introduction videos from the chaos edition version of the Cyanide version of Blodbowl.
BB 2 Teaser Video

The above image links to the You Tube video of the launch intro for Blood Bowl 2 from Cyanide.


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