Where do you start with Goblin teams? Generally at the lower end of the rankings. This is not to
  say that Goblin teams are not very good. It's just that... Well.. alright, they are not very good. It's just very difficult to write anything positive about a
  team that has members that spend the night before the game drinking (in silly hats), turn up to the game yelling abuse (in silly hats) and go to the
  pub after the game for more drinking and yelling of abuse (in silly hats). Especially since that's just the Coaching Staff.

  Most Goblin players will get into countless fights (which they usually lose), drinking contests (which they usually lose as well but not before
  drinking up a massive bar tab), thievery and all manners of hooliganism before the games, and during the games they behave even worse! It's no
  surprise that ALL goblin teams are permanently barred from the Elven Kingdoms and most Goblin fans are barred from any civilized stadium in
  the world. Not that they care, they still find a way in so that they can cause more mischief, carnage and utter chaos in the stands.

  So what does a Goblin team have going for it? Well without a doubt, they are the masters of the Secret Weapon (though the Dwarfs run a very
  close second). A Goblin team will often field players equipped with bombs, chainsaws, pogo sticks of doom and even wildly spinning ball and
  chain fanatics. All of these combined can wreck utter carnage on a team not prepared for the onslaught (and for that matter the Goblin team
  themselves when things go wrong, as they inevitably do).
  What else does a Goblin team have going for it? Well … the majority of Goblin teams will feature two hulking great Trolls. Almost impossible to
  stop once moving and practically unkillable, what Trolls lack in intelligence they make up for in strength, toughness
  and appetite as any unfortunate goblin would testify to if he could. Still Goblins just lack a basic talent for the game. Sure they run at a decent
  speed and they can dodge well, but the poor ball
  handling and general.. uhm.. 'squishiness' of the average goblin will always keep them down at the lower end of the rankings.

  Team Roster

Qty   Title   Cost  
  Skills   Normal   Double
0-16   Goblins   40,000  
  Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty   A   GSP
0-1   Bombardier   40,000  
  Bombardier, Dodge,
Secret Weapon, Stunty
  A   GSP
0-1   Pogoer   40,000  
  Dodge, Leap,Stunty,
Very Long Legs
  A   GSP
0-1   Looney   40,000  
  Chainsaw, Secret
Weapon, Stunty
  A   GSP
0-1   Fanatic   70,000  
  Ball & Chain, No Hands,
Secret Weapon, Stunty
  S   GAP
0-2   Trolls   110,000  
  Loner, Always Hungry,
Mighty Blow, Really
Stupid, Regeneration,
Throw Team-Mate
  S   AP

  0-8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each
  Official Star Players available for Inducement: Bomber Dribblesnot, Fungus the Loon, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Nobbla Blackwart, Ripper, Scrappa   Sorehead

  Unofficial Star Players available for inducment: Jeffery Butcher, Crowbar Legbreak
  Click on star Player name to see more details on player

  Qty indicates the number of that position that you may have on your team. Double indicates the additional skill categories to those in the Normal   column available to choose a skill from on a double skill roll.
  For the Normal and Double column, G = General skills, A = Agility skills, S = Strength skills, P = Passing skills, and M = Mutation skills.



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